Still Starting Up

We’ll have a couple things to do still that are associated with the start of the year.

Part 0

Class Supplies
Recommended Supplies:
– Flash Drive (minimum 2gig)
– Headphones (cheap earbuds are fine)

Optional Supplies:
– Notebook (recommended for Yearbook)
– SD Card (recommended for Yearbook & Video Students)
– Graph Paper (recommended for Robotics)
– Sketchpad (recommended for Design & Art)

Do these need to be new?
No, you don’t have to buy brand new products, you can reuse items if you already own some of these.

Do I have to have these?
No, but it will likely save you time or make things easier from time to time.

Will I be using these everyday?
Probably not. Some students use them more than others. It varies based on the student.

What if I have a different question about one of these?
Feel free to ask me.

Part 2

District Guidelines Sort Activity

Based on what you know so far, arrange these as you feel best. Categories are bolded, offenses are in regular text. While there are many more offenses in the handbook, There are only 3 to sort for each category below.

Level I Disruptive Behavior-Minor Infractions
Level II Serious Disruptive Behavior
Level III Serious or Persistent Misbehavior (Suspension/Campus ISS or DAEP)
Level IV Offenses for Which a Student Will be Placed in a Disciplinary Alternative Education Program
Level V Offenses for Which a Student Shall be Expelled and Referred to the Harris County Juvenile Justice Alternative Education Program

Providing false information to staff
Inappropriate use of technology
Improper use of telecommunication devices
Breach of computer security
Failure to follow directions
Littering on Campus
Harassment or Bullying
Possession of a knife or other weapon
Alcohol on or near campus grounds
Alcohol or drug offense that could be punishable as a felony
Aggravated Assault

Part 2b

Assignment: Guidelines 1
Answer the questions in a blog post on your own wordpress.

Part 3

Blog Check

We have a district wordpress site. If you’ve been having trouble with yours, try that one. I’ll provide the url during class.

If you emailed me your blog url, you should have received a reply back from me. If my reply said: “Got it, thanks!“, then your url worked. However, I haven’t actually read the blogs yet due to people having trouble creating them. When I’m checking them, I’ll also check them to make sure you aren’t giving out personal information (ie, last name, our school name, your DOB, etc). Check to make sure someone can’t find that info on your blog. If you need to create a new URL for your blog because of this, no worries, just email me the new one. If you had trouble creating your blog last week, see if you can create your blog today.

Part 4

Setting up Work Station Folders

Create a folder on your desktop (and/or flashdrive). Title it the name of this class (or an abbreviation of it, example: Dg-Art or DAaA).

Inside that folder, create a series of folders;

  • Assignments
  • Major Work
  • Planning
  • Research
  • Resources
  • Skills Work

When complete, take a screenshot of your folder setup. To take a screenshot of the full screen on the mac, hold command ⌘ and shift, then press 3. To take a screenshot of just part of the screen, hold command ⌘ and shift, press 4, and then click and drag your mouse pointer over the area to take a picture of. Make sure your screenshot isn’t showing any personal information, I had to re-upload my example as it showed my last name in the list of devices and places on the left side of the finder window.

To bring up the upload media prompt for your blog, while writing a post click the icon that looks like a camera in front of a music note.

Part 5

Actual Class Related Work

If time permits, continue to the next post to see what class related content to begin on. If your spending the end of class doing anything other than what’s above, then time permits. Even if you only have a 2 or 3 minutes, you can at least start looking at what we will be doing.


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