RPaD- Unit 1: Engineering & Design

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The true delight is in the finding out rather than in the knowing.
– Isaac Asimov

How do we Design?

Before we can start designing robots, we first have to understand how they work underneath the plastic and metal. We first must understand the design behind how they work, that is the design of programming. We’ll start with basic concepts, try a few games, and then get to actual coding.

At this same time, we’ll also be looking at the history of Robotics. The very first person to look into? Karel Čapek

Each six weeks, you’ll have a one page paper to write. I will provide you with some examples regarding the writing style and formatting. The first topic is History of Robotics. Each six weeks, each person will choose a specific point in that category to produce a paper on.

We’ll chat a bit today about how programming works. You’ll have a couple handouts to start understanding programming, and you’ll draw a course for an in-class simulation.

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