DVaAP – Unit 1: Camera Shots p.2

Take what you looked up last time, and find images that can serve as an examples for each.

While you could argue this being educational use grants fair use, were not just going to pull randomly from Google. We’ll practice abiding by copyright and proper digital etiquette, as that is part of all the new technology courses offered.

Only use images that are creative commons, public domain, or free stock imagery (if you’re familiar with these). We’ll discuss those more later. If you’re not familiar with these concepts, you will be by the end of the year. For now, if you don’t know how to access public domain or free stock imagery, just use creative commons. To put that more simply, only pull example images from sites like the Creative Commons section of Flickr or one of the other options for Image Sources on the Library Resources Page. You need to provide attribution (or credit) and a link to the page it’s from.


Long Shot / Wide Shot (LS / WS)

by sanfamedia.com

Find an example for each one, and post them on your blog, labeled with the attribution and source, like the example above.

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