DAaA- Unit 1: Adobe Illustrator & Vectors

White Ghost by Zutto
Zutto is a freelance illustrator utilizing Ai from Russia.

Art is the proper task of life. 

– Friedrich Nietzsche

How are Numbers Beautiful?


Adobe Illustrator (link)

For this unit, we will be learning and using Adobe Illustrator CS6. Adobe Illustrator is a graphic creation software used to create Vector-based works. It is used by professionals in a variety of industries and fields, and it isn’t the easiest piece of software. At the end of this unit, you’ll work toward creating a piece of art utilizing data, numbers, or other mathematical principles.

PDF About Adobe Illustrator CS6
Videos about Illustrator CS6 from Lynda.com
Videos about New Features from Lynda.com
Learning Illustrator Videos on Adobe.tv

Current Work

At the end of class, if you’ve finished everything, you should have three new images on your wordpress.

Part 1

Manipulating Lines in Illustrator

 There are a variety of ways lines can differ. Click on my image to the right and look at all the ways you can alter a line. How you illustrate a line, can alter the feel and quality of the figure or object it defines. Use illustrator to show me that you can manipulate lines in a variety of ways.

Upload an image showing me that you too know how to vary the appearance of your lines.

Part 2

Arranging Shapes in Illustrator

If you have yet to play with it, try out the shape tools. It’s the rectangle right below the text tool. Tip: If you click and hold, you can choose other shapes as well. Play with different shapes and arrangements to create a composition you like. Play with different outlines on the shapes. Play with the text tool, and add in a bit of text too, even if all it says is “This some text!”. It can be as complex as you like, or fairly minimalistic- (Don’t use less shapes or lines than I did).

Create and upload two final compositions, making use of different line types.

Here’s my examples, with a couple variants.

It probably isn’t as complicated of an image as you might think. I used 8 circles, modifying their outlines, 6 paths created with the paintbrush, and two chunks of text- converted into paths and then modifying their outlines. It might be easier to understand what I did if I change the background color. See the image below.

Want to see how I did a certain part? Ask!

White Ghost >>
Vector Image Example >>
Wikimedia Commons
Elements & Principles Icons >>
The J. Paul Getty Museum. 2011
Line Types in Illustrator >>
Mr.Uu . 2012
Shape Tool Poster Examples >>
Mr.Uu . 2012

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