DAaA- Continuing Adobe Illustrator

Unexpected by Sascha Preuß
Sascha, who works under the pseudo name Bubblefriends,
is a freelance illustrator who utilizes Adobe Illustrator from Germany.

Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life. 

– Pablo Picasso

How are Numbers Beautiful?


Adobe Illustrator (link)

For this unit, we will be learning and using Adobe Illustrator CS6. Adobe Illustrator is a graphic creation software used to create Vector-based works. At the end of this unit, you’ll work toward creating a piece of art utilizing data, numbers, or other mathematical principles.

PDF About Adobe Illustrator CS6
Videos about Illustrator CS6 from Lynda.com
Videos about New Features from Lynda.com
Learning Illustrator Videos on Adobe.tv

Current Work

At the end of class, if you’ve finished everything, you should have one new image on your wordpress, and a block of text.

Part 1

Free Choice Tutorials

Below I’ve included some links to different tutorials. I’d like you to complete at least one tutorials before we start talking more about the project we’ll create in illustrator. Keep in mind, different tutorials will be at different difficulties, and different authors may be better than others at explaining the steps. If your having trouble with one, maybe trying a different one is a better idea. If you’d like to find a different tutorial to follow, your welcome to do some investigating and show me what you’d like to do for approval.

Unexpected >>
Sascha Preuß
Elements & Principles Icons >>
The J. Paul Getty Museum. 2011

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