DAaA- Grades grades

Fishy Sub by Rod Hunt
Rod Hunt, artist and illustrator out of London,
has a range of international clients in a range of media.


Grades grades! I looked through all the blogs last night, and graded what I could find. I know many of you have done more, but it’s not on there to grade. Fix this so I can fix your grade! There is new stuff you could work on for the report card, but the progress report finalizes Friday, so lets fix any issues with that first!

Check Skyward! Grade Concerns?
I know I have a few!
Ask ask if you need to!

Grades for the Progress Report:

– Email of your blog URL (with check for personal info)
– Postings on your blog:

  • Questionnaire
  • Folder Setup Screenshot
  • SBISD Guideline Questions
  • Ai Creation Tool Experimentation
  • Ai Pen Tool Work
  • Ai Experiment with Line Types

– Participation Grade (there’ll be more in the future)

Fix any issues today, so I can fix any issues before progress reports are finalized.

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