DVaAD- Retry

Directing is creating a whole. You’re able to combine different elements and create a film that is unique and true to your vision. 

– Tim Robbins

How do we Capture a Moment?

Part 0

There were a couple things that a good chunk of the class is week on. We’ll spend a few minutes talking about them first. We’ll clear up a few things on shots, and discuss a couple more. I’d like you to go back to your original post that defined shots and add some of this information to it. That post should become a resource to you, allowing you to refer to it when you need to (unless you have an amazing memory, you’ll probably need to at some point).

Part 1

Watch these two videos:

Camera Shots- Every time the video cuts to a different angle or subject or take, its a new camera shot. Notice in this video, that for each chunk of film is labeled with a different shot. A couple of you were a little off on a couple of the shots. You’ll need to know this all year. We’ll watch videos occasionally to keep up with this. Watch this clip.

Camera Movement- We talked about Camera Movements, but until you really get used to seeing them, you’ll have a hard time recognizing and recreating them. You’ll need to know this all year. We’ll watch videos occasionally to keep up with this. Watch this clip.

Part 2

After watching the videos, rework the following two assignments.

Camera Movements: Defining
On a lot of student’s camera movement descriptions, it was quite obvious that you simply read something somewhere, and rewrote it. It is important that you understand these concepts. Make sure you understand them, and describe these in your own words.

Clip Analysis: Labeling Shots
Every time the clip changes, you should of had a new label for the camera shot. The clip with the least different shots still had 13 shots in it.

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