DAaA- 9/24-28

Sunflower by Helen Huang
Helen Huang is a full-time designer living in Los Angeles, USA.
Huang was born and raised in China.

I don’t think there’s any artist of any value who doesn’t doubt what they’re doing. 

– Francis Ford Coppola

How are Numbers Beautiful?


Adobe Illustrator (link)

For this unit, we will be learning and using Adobe Illustrator CS6. Adobe Illustrator is a graphic creation software used to create Vector-based works. At the end of this unit, you’ll work toward creating a piece of art utilizing data, numbers, or other mathematical principles.

PDF About Adobe Illustrator CS6
Videos about Illustrator CS6 from Lynda.com
Videos about New Features from Lynda.com
Learning Illustrator Videos on Adobe.tv

Videos of interest:
Artist Collaborative Onformative.
Flat Black Film’s Line & Shape Studies:
1 2 3 4 5


Be Decisive

If you havn’t yet, figure out what you’ll be doing for your project. Your options are Data Visualization, Infographics, Fractal Art, and Op Art.


Research your chosen option. Keep track of useful websites. You’ll need them for the write-up that will go with your project. We’ll talk more about that later.


Things to think about and plan:

  • What do you think you’re going to make?
  • Don’t lock yourself into just one idea- what are some alternate ideas?
  • How might you actually create your idea?


Start creating your idea. Keep in mind, you can experiment! When you make drastic changes or start going in a different direction, make sure you document where you were. You may end up doing a lot as you refine or alter your idea, and if you don’t show me the evidence- then I won’t know how much you put into it. Take screenshots, add in a few notes, let me know how much work you’re doing!

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