DVaAP- 9/26-10/1

Some are pre-taped interviews because maybe we can’t get that person live or maybe we’re not sure it’s going to work out right so we tape it an hour in advance.

– Bob Edwards

How do we Capture a Moment?

Working with iMovie

Some of you have spoken to me about the quality of the audio when using the point-and-shoot cameras. The quality and how well it picks up the audio will be dependent both on the space of your surroundings and whatever other elements are sharing that space (like noise from people, vehicles, wind, birds, etc). A possible solution is below.

Recording Audio with a Smart Phone:
Ten Tips for Recording Great Audio with your Smart Phone
Your Handiest Reporting Tool may be the Smartphone in your Pocket

By now, you should have presented your pitch and turned in your script and storyboard. You should be filming soon if you haven’t already.

If your not familiar with iMovie, you might want to start looking into it. This year, we were able to upgrade to a new version of iMovie (last year, no one in the school had newer the ’09).

iMovie Resources:
Apple’s Support Videos
video introduction
guide by unknown source
Tutorials by NY Video School

If you knew the previous version, you might not even notice the change, but there are a few new features we’ll discuss later on. Being that the majority of you already know iMovie, I’m not going to spend class time lecturing you on it. However, if you are inexperienced with it, and need help with something you and a peer can’t figure out- let me know and I will help you.

If you have absolutely nothing to do, because you have yet to film and have done everything else…. I suppose you could take a look into Photoshop. We aren’t using it yet, but will be on the next project. At least that would be a productive use of your time and wouldn’t detract from your participation.

Project Assessment

As has been mentioned several times, the way your projects will be assessed are across 6 different criteria; Investigate, Design, Plan, Create, Evaluate, & Attitude. These will be evaluated by the product itself, what I can observe during class, and a document that is to accompany the final product. If you didn’t pick up a copy of the criteria, I still have plenty of copies. You can also view them online.

Being that you guys are new to the Design Cycle, we’ll start this off a bit slow. We’ll add more as we go, and we’ll walk through some of this as more of you guys are ready. Most of the information below is to be included in the document that accompanies the product.

– Identify the Problem
– Acknowledge & document your sources
We’ll discuss a design brief and design spec as a class

– Generate several feasible ideas that meet reqs
We’ll discuss evaluating and justifying ideas more later

– construct a plan to accomplish your idea
– use resources and time effectively & efficiently
– justify modification from the original design occurring during planning

– follow your plan
– document the creation of your project
– justify modification to your plan occurring during creation

– evaluate your solution against reqs
– evaluate significane/impact of your product
– explain potential improvements to product
– evaluate your work in each part of the design cycle, discuss potential improvements

Attitudes in Tech
– personal engagement toward motivation, independence, & positive attitude
– attitude toward safety, cooperation, respect of others

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