DVaAP- 10/15


How do we convey feeling?

For this six weeks, we’ll be primarily using Photoshop. In the new version of Photoshop CS6, Video has been added to its capabilities (albeit it was already available in previous versions if you had the extended     nversion). They also made a lot of upgrades to what you can do with video in PS. Photoshop, most of the time, however is not used for video, and what you can do with it has a very broad range of applications.

Learn More About Photoshop
Adobe’s CS6 Photoshop Extended


  • Experimental Video
  • 5×5 Mini Project
  • Try Photoshop: Video

Experimental Video
– Examples to see:

5×5 Mini-Project
– You can work alone, no more than 2 people per 5×5.
– Examples:
Theme: Wind
Theme: Rolling

Looking at Cuts & Transitions
The only basic we haven’t talked about so far is Cuts, or also sometimes referred to as transitions. There are lots of transitions in iMovie, and most of them aren’t very good. There’s only a few transitions you want to use in actual video production. Problematically, it seems there are some people who break cuts up into a bunch of types, and other that lump them together. As such, some sources show only 4 or 5, and others may show more than 15. Below is something in between. Click on the terms for examples.

Most Commonly Used Transitions
Natural Transitions & Cuts
Cut Away
– Fade
– Dissolve (or crossfade)
– Wipe
– Jump Cuts
Match Cut
Cutting on Action
– Cross Cut
L-Cut (and J-Cuts)

A few sources with  a few definitions:
– Elements of Cinema
Media College
– CSU Fresno

Similar concepts can even be found in other mediums. Click on the small image on the left to see an example of Match Cutting in Marvel Comics’ issue #655 of The Amazing Spiderman by Dan Slott.

Try Video in Photoshop:
If you don’t have your videos from the previous project (interviews) you can download two videos you watched first six weeks; Camera Shots Examples and Camera Movement.
Sequencing Video in Photoshop CS6
Intuitive Video Workflow

In the near future, I’ll want to see that you can sequence video in Photoshop, as well as apply adjustment layers and other techniques.

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