DAaA- 10/26

Mistico by Marco Escobedo
Escobedo, an illustrator from Lima, Peru, works with Adobe Photoshop.
He chose to become an illustrator after observing the works of other artists.

How do we Represent Ourselves?

For this six weeks, we’ll be primarily using Photoshop. In the new version of Photoshop CS6, Video has been added to its capabilities (albeit it was already available in previous versions if you had the extended version). They also made a lot of upgrades to what you can do with video in PS. Photoshop, most of the time, however is not used for video, and what you can do with it has a very broad range of applications.

Learn More About Photoshop
Adobe’s CS6 Photoshop Extended

Current Work

Major Project

Note: You might need to understand vector vs raster for a surprise later this week…!

Your project for this six weeks is related to portraiture. You’ll have to plan several different ideas for portraits. It could be a portrait of yourself, or someone you know- but not just some random stranger or imaginary character.

Portraits can very a lot. Some portraits are very realistic, just about the way a person looks, or appears. Others are more about the way the person feels. Some portraits are more about what a person does or spends their time. Do some research, look into some of the different portrait work out there, both modern and historical, both realistic/surreal and abstract/non-representational.

As you research, you should be thinking about what you want to do. I’ll want to chat with you guys next class to see what your thinking. At this point, i’d like to see four sketches of different ideas (they can be on paper or on the computer). A variation of an idea doesn’t count as a different idea.

You can see the Criterion by which IB looks at technology projects at any time here. So, to get maximum points on the second part (Design), IB states the following should be fulfilled.

“A range of feasible designs are generated. Each design is evaluated against the design specification. Chosen design is justified by fully and critically evaluating it against the design specification.

So, what exactly, does this mean? Let’s break it down.

“A range of feasible designs are generated.

Essentially, have a couple different possible end products to discuss.

Each design is evaluated against the design specification.

Evaluate how well your design meets specified criteria for the end product.

“Chosen design is justified by fully and critically evaluating it against the design specification.

Explain why you chose the design you intend on creating, and defend it by critically evaluating how it meets specified criteria.

Other Options

At various times during the year, you will have other options. This six weeks, you have two options instead of portraiture.

The first option is to create a work of digital art for the Reflections Contest.

The second option is the Open The Door Project. For this project, you’d be designing 3×6 ft door. Selected designs will actually be created with local and international artists, and then displayed around the city. Ask me if you’d like more info on it.

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