Design Cycle- Eval. Document

What goes into your Evaluation Document?

The lists below do not include the struck through material, as we get farther into the year, this list will expand. Most of your project grade is actually determined from the Eval. Document.

From the Criteria A-Investigate:

  • Problem is explained and investigated and its relevance discussed.
  • Information from a broad range of appropriate, acknowledged sources.

From the Criteria B-Design:

  • A range of feasible designs are generated.
  • Chosen design is justified.

From the Criteria C-Plan:

  • A plan containing detailed logical steps is produced.
  • Modifications to the plan are justified.

From the Criteria D-Create (most of Criteria D is determined from your product):

  • The plan is followed and any changes from the plan are justified.

From the Criteria E-Evaluation:

  • The success of the product and the student’s own performance are evaluated.
  • Possible improvements to both product and student’s performance.

As discussed at the start of the project, Criteria F-Attitudes in Technology is determined entirely by how you use your time in class, almost exclusively your work ethic.


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