DAaA- 11/12

Starting Animation

Check your grades!
If there’s anything I missed, today is the LAST class day to fix it.
Let me know if I missed anything.

For this six weeks, we’ll be primarily using both Photoshop CS6 and Flash CS6 to create animations. We’ll start with Photoshop, since we’re already familiar with it. Photoshop can make animations, but not with the complexity or quality that flash can. We’ll move into flash as we move through this final six weeks of the semester. Your major project this six weeks will be in flash.

Current Work

Photoshop Exercise
Can you create a talking head like the two below using photoshop?
Follow the guide I created here.

I went a bit farther than my guide will take you. Feel free to have a bit of fun with it. Keep in mind though, you are working with images of actual people. Whether they are alive or not, don’t create anything that would be deemed as disrespectful toward them.

I forgot to mention one thing in the guide… It’s kind of an important part… it’s how to save it for it to work properly.

In the file menu, don’t just choose your regular save as, instead, choose save for web. It should default to saving as a gif. On the right column, toward the bottom, you should see an option in regards to looping. Make sure looping is set to infinity. Upload the final image (gifs are still images, not videos) to your blog.

 “I am truly honoured to lead this country which I love.
I am utterly committed to the service of our people …
I asked my colleagues to make a leadership change …
because I believed that a good government was losing its way.”
— Julia Gillard
Current & 1st Female Prime Minister of Australia
on June 24, 2010, after Kevin Rudd
opted out of the leadership ballot

Johannes Gutenberg 
German blacksmith, goldsmith, printer, and publisher.
Invented the 1st printing press with movable type. His
invention began the printing revolution, and is regarded by
many to be the most important invention of the modern age.
This one’s a little strange, but I don’t think disrespectful. My intent was for it to tie in to why he is still important today. Johannes Gutenberg doesn’t seem to like to play. I guess I did something weird when saving it. If you click on it to open it full-size it’ll play.

If you finish early, you can either play with creating more talking heads, other photoshop stuff, or check out one of these tutorials:
Create a 3D Spinning Earth
X-Ray Face Animation
Creating Animation with Audio
Playing with Timeline in Photoshop
Create a Cinemagraph using Photoshop
Create a gif from a Video

You’ll have to do one of the above tutorials for your next photoshop assignment. So, you can get started now if you’d like.

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