DVaAP- 11/13


What’s the value of sound?

We’ll be working with sound most of the six weeks. Your productions should reflect working with sound.


  • Intro to Audio Use in the Industry
  • Look it up
  • Start Planning

Brief Overview 

  • How sound is used in film and video.
  • What types of work a sound team may be involved in.
  • How sounds effects (SFX) are created.

Look it up

Answer these questions on your blog:

  1. Around when did sound editing (in the nature of film) begin?
  2. Who is Foley? Why does he matter?

These are due by the end of class.

Start Planning

Mini-Project Requirements
– You can work alone, no more than 2 people per group.
– One (1) 60-second shot
– No Camera Movement
– No Visual Editing
– Make it Interesting
– Audio Editing is OK

Create your own Sound Library
– Each student is responsible for creating 5 sounds
– – 2 of the 5 may be ambient tracks
– Create one piece of music to be used for score

Main 6 Weeks Project
– Create an Instructional or How-to Video
– Add in sounds you created post-production

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