DVaAP- 11/14

What’s the value of sound?

We’ll be working with sound most of the six weeks. Your productions should reflect working with sound.


  • Take a Guess
  • Continued Discussion on Sound Use
  • Read About it
  • Continue Planning

Take a Guess

With a partner (or two), watch the opening to the tv show Chuck. Talk with your partner (or two), and decide how many sound effects you think were in the 30 second intro. Trying to count while watching it may help.

Brief Overview 

  • Overused Sounds
  • Musical Scores

Read About It

Do a little bit of investigating on Gabriel Yared’s Rejected Score for Wolfgang Petersen.  Find an article or something about it. On your blog, tell me your thoughts on the whole situation regarding the Troy Score.

What is your opinion on how the situation was handled? You’ll get to hear music from both composers. Which do you like better? Do you think that a more likable piece of music is always a better piece of film score? Why or why not?

Continue Planning

Mini-Project Requirements
Pitch due before Thanksgiving Break
– You can work alone, no more than 2 people per group.
– One (1) 60-second shot
– No Camera Movement
– No Visual Editing
– Make it Interesting
– Audio Editing is OK

Create your own Sound Library (each student)
– Creating 5 sounds (Used for Foley type work)
– – 2 of the 5 may be ambient tracks
– Create one piece of music to be used for score

Main 6 Weeks Project
– Create an Instructional or How-to Video
– Add in sounds you created post-production
– Other sounds may be added in as well

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