11/16- DVaAP

What’s the value of sound?

We’ll be working with sound most of the six weeks. Your productions should reflect working with sound.


  • Brief Discussion
  • Summarize and Share
  • Today’s Post

Brief Discussion

Today’s Work. Brief Discussion at end of class too.

Summarize & Share

Read an article about film and sound or sound design related to film. Be ready to share the 3-5 most important things from it or about it nearing the end of class.

Today’s Post

  • Provide the link to the article you read, and list the 3-5 important points you’ll share with the class.
  • You listened to most of Gabriel Yared’s rejected score last class, and James Horner’s official score. Post your thoughts on these questions: Which do you like better as a work of music? Will a better work of music always be a better score for a movie? Can you say absolutely which would be the better score for the film?

Plan & Create

Mini-Project Requirements
Pitch due before Thanksgiving Break
– You can work alone, no more than 2 people per group.
– One (1) 60-second shot
– No Camera Movement
– No Visual Editing
– Make it Interesting
– Audio Editing is OK

Create your own Sound Library (each student)
– Creating 5 sounds (Used for Foley type work)
– – 2 of the 5 may be ambient tracks
– Create one piece of music to be used for score

These should be finished by the end of the month.

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