DAaA 11/27

Starting Animation

For this six weeks, we’ll be primarily using both Photoshop CS6 and Flash CS6 to create animations. We’ll start with Photoshop, since we’re already familiar with it. Photoshop can make animations, but not with the complexity or quality that flash can. We’ll move into flash as we move through this final six weeks of the semester. Your major project this six weeks will be in flash.

Welcome Back!

Hope you had a great break! Time to get back to work!

You should be using Flash by now. The rest of this six weeks will be using Flash. It can’t do everything Photoshop can, but it has some big advantages that we’ll look at.

Current Work

Flash Exercise
First exercise. Work with Tweens!
Tweens are one of the most basic techniques to utilize in Flash. There are three types of primary types of tweens. Classic, Motion, and Shape. Show me that you can create all three. Tweens are very commonly used, and theirs a million tutorials out there on them, including on youtube if you need to see step by step. Find what you need to in order to learn how to create them.

Flash Exercise 1
Create 3 Types Tweens:
– Motion
– Shape
– Classic

In the next exercise, you’ll actually try some very basic programming. Don’t worry if you have no experience, its a video tutorial, and he tells you exactly what to do. If you can follow directions, you can get it done. It can be completed in about 1 x 90-minute class period if you’re really focused. He’s only going to show you very basic things with ActionScript3, but people very experienced with it can create lots of cool interactive things (including flash games!).

Flash Exercise 2
Introduction to ActionScript3:
– Object moving across the screen
– Object following your cursor
– Object instantly jumping to another position
Link to Video Tutorial

Most of the Flash Assignments you’ll need to show me, as you won’t be able to upload them to your blog. Just let me know when you’re ready to show me that you’ve completed them.

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