Sub Day

When ever I’m not here, the day itself counts as its own grade. This can either hurt or help you, depending on how you choose to use the day.

It is essentially its own participation grade, and it is based on two things. A good grade requires both.

  • First, it is based on sub feedback, so be productive and on task, and don’t be disruptive. I’ve left notes, so she knows what you guys should be working on. Please be polite and keep your Mrs. Archer happy. If she has any problems with any students, it’ll be a detention no questions asked.
  • Second, it is based on what evidence you provide. That is, on your blog, provide me evidence of what you accomplished. This could include text, screenshots, pictures (even via photobooth if needed).

I know it can be difficult if you run into trouble with the software you’re working on. Collectively, you guys know a lot and can solve a lot even when I’m not here. Ask each other for help if you need.


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