DVaAP – Stop Motion & Motion Graphics


Adding More to Video than Reality

Adobe Flash (link)



We’ll be looking into Motion Graphics and Stop Motion this six weeks. Your mini project will be a work of motion graphics, and your six weeks project will be a work of stop motion.

You’ll be using Flash to create motion graphics this six weeks. Most motion graphics today are created using Adobe After Effects, but out of the software we have, Flash is the best alternative. Flash is primarily used to create web animations and games. If you’re not familiar with flash, playing with it some the first couple days of class would be a good idea. You’ll need to know how to create simple graphics in flash, import graphics into flash, and create tweens. Learn more about Flash.


Current Work

Part 1

Using the internet, look into a few different things regarding Motion Graphics. Post the following on your blog.

What are motion graphics?
What are motion graphics used for?
Can you find any examples of motion graphics made for TV or the silver screen?
Find a couple different styles of motion graphics and provide links.

Part 2

Start playing with Flash. You can do frame by frame animation with flash, but it also has a few shortcuts to make things faster, entitled tweens. You’re mini project this six weeks will be using flash, so it’d be a good idea to play with it some. Both being Adobe, you can import graphics created in Photoshop (or other Adobe programs) into Flash to use.


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