Poll Questions

Ask 5 girls and 5 guy and 1 staff/faculty member. To make sure we have a diverse sample that better represents the school, the 5 girls must be in different grade levels, and so must the 5 boys. Due Feb 1st.

Do’s or don’t (yes or no’s)
1) Wear hair naturally (no heat no chemicals)
2) Wear neutral colors (clothes & stuff).
3) Wear bright colors (clothes & stuff).
4) Wear colored contacts.

Do you procrastinate? 

a) are you kidding me?! NEVER!
b) Rarely, only when necessary.
c) Sometimes, but not too much
d) all day errday
e) ehhh, can I tell you later?

How do you relieve stress/tension?
a) meditate
b) eat
c) work out
d) Ain’t nobody got time for that!
e) Don’t worry ’bout it… it’ll go away soon enough.

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