Motion Graphics & Stop Motion

Due today: Post your pitch for your main project (Stop Motion).
Also: Find 3 examples of analog motion graphics, post them on your blog as well.

Notes on Stop Motion from last class:

  • How Stop Motion Works: You are essentially taking a huge number of photos. After each photo, you move each moving element just a little and take another photo. Once You’ve taken your photos, you put them all together to create the illusion of video.
  • FPS: Frames per Second. 24 is the standard here, although not all productions use 24. If the FPS drops too far below 24, the video begins to look choppy or like separate images instead of video.
  • Shooting on Twos: Showing each frame twice instead of once. Decreases production time and costs, but also basically cuts the frame rate in half. Often used on slower scenes in cartoons, like dialogue, and/or in productions with smaller budgets.
  • Shooting on Threes: Showing each frame 3 times instead of once. Normally used as a cost saving measure. Not unusual to see toward the end of a production of the production has not been extended or greenlit for an additional season. Can also be used by smaller production companies just due to not having as many resources. Normally used only for dialogue or other scenes with very little movement. This is basically 8 fps. Some studios will even shoot on fours or higher for certain scenes to decrease costs if needed.

Stop Motion

  • Must convey a story, narrative, or message
  • Length will vary dependent on complexity
  • Whatever style of Stop Motion you choose is up to you
  • Must use multiple camera shots (refer to start of the year camera shots)

Motion Graphics
While your mini-project will be a digital creation of Motion Graphics, it’s important to note that Motion Graphics existed before the digital age, and that not all modern motion graphics are done digitally. There’s actually a channel on Vimeo dedicated to just Analog Motion Graphics, as well as a couple websites out there too. Some examples of Analog Motion Graphics may remind you of experimental film, and some are done using Stop Motion. It is also not unusual for analog and digital to be combined, for things to be shot using actual film, and then modified or added to digitally.

Some of you guys seem to be a little confused on Motion Graphics and Animation. Motion Graphics can be created through animation, but motion graphics are for effect, they themselves don’t tell a story, although sometimes they may be incorporated into a story. They are often commonly used to present facts or a brand. If the animation is telling a story or narrative, it is animation, not motion graphics.

A couple neat examples:

The Art of Making: Flamenco Guitar
A cool short where digital motion graphics are embedded inside a narrative. There are a couple others in this short film series as well.
Ancient Mind Puzzle Tech

Rethink Scholarship
AMG//The First

Find 3 examples of analog motion graphics on your own and post them to your blog.

While you can’t use Analog motion graphics for you mini project, you can incorporate it into other projects (stop motion included) throughout this semester if you choose to.
You also need to post the pitch for your stop motion today.

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