Stop Motion & Motion Graphics

Check your grades. Quite a few of you are missing at least one item.

Grades on Progress Report:

Due Next Class:
Gantt Chart
– Can be made in Google Docs, Apple iWorks Numbers, or other software
Example of a template I made in Google Docs
– an example of a finished Gantt Chart
– a different example

Due before filming (no later than the end of next week):
Storyboard (example)
Script (1 column (example), 2 column(example), or dope sheet(example))

Dope Sheet??
 What’s that? Dope sheets (aka Exposure Sheet, X Sheet) are almost always used in animation to keep track of things. Not all stop motion uses Dope Sheets, but complicated ones do. A Dope Sheet doesn’t replace a script. However, being that not everyone needs a Dope Sheet depending on the style & complexity of their Stop Motion, and a Dope Sheet may, or may not, benefit you more than a Script, you may choose to do a Dope Sheet instead of a script. Like a storyboard and script, a Dope Sheet is another tool used in production companies to make sure everyones on the same page and man hours aren’t wasted by things being done not as intended.

If you are interested in doing a Dope Sheet instead of a script, let me know and I can help guide you through it.

Notes from last class have been added to the previous post

Related information:

While we may not be studying animation itself, stop motion is a form of animation. I have a couple links regarding animation that can give you some more insight into it. If you are planning on doing cut-paper for your stop-motion, then some of the techniques used may be relevant to you. Or, you might just find it interesting on this day of short wednesday classes.

History of Cel Animation
Making a Traditional Hand Drawn Film

While majority of animation studios are moving to digital, one internationally acclaimed and renowned studio has actually discontinued the use of digital animation and even disbanded its computer animation section. Japanese Director, Animator, Screen Writer, and Co-Founder of Studio Ghibli, Hayao Miyazaki has publicly spoken about returning to traditional animation. Haven’t heard of him? He’s often referred to as the Walt Disney of Japan, most his films, while produced for and in Japan, are licensed here by Disney and receive (albeit limited) release in american theaters.

We’ve been talking a lot about Stop Motion lately, but don’t forget, you also have an individual mini-project on Motion Graphics in Flash to do this six weeks.

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