D. Art

Whenever I’m not here, the day counts as its own grade. This is based off two thing; one, the notes the sub leaves; two, what you show me on your blog. So, show me what you got done, and keep your teacher of the day happy 🙂

Current Assignments:

Don’t go drawing today, if you haven’t finished drawing your location, wait til I get back.

Blog Post
Begin researching different architectural styles. Your big project for this grading period will be to redesign 3-4 areas of the campus into a different architectural style. In order to do this, you’ll need to find a style you’d like to use. It can be modern, it can be ancient, it can be western, it can be eastern, it can even be the particular style of a specific architect (assuming that architect has a specific style, some don’t- some adapt to the style their client wants).

On your blog, tell me the style you’ve chosen, post a few pictures of the style, and find and post links to a few websites that you plan on using as resources.

Create 3-4 digital illustrations, converting the architectural style of the school into the style of a different time period, region, architect, etc. You can work from your own sketches, photos, scanned work, etc.

2-3 of these should be rough concept sketches, taking no more than a class period each. These can be monochrome or b/w.
Examples of rough sketches: example example 2 example 3

1 should be of higher quality, taking several class periods. This should be full color. You can use textures from other places or collage stuff to make it more realistic or detail oriented.
example example 2 example 3

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