Digital Design this Week

Whenever I’m not here, the day counts as its own grade. This is based off two thing; one, the notes the sub leaves; two, what you show me on your blog. So, show me what you got done, and keep your teacher of the day happy 🙂

There are two things I’d like you to do this week.

One involves revisiting your cover from last week, the other, creating some interactivity in your E-Magazine.

1st- Cover Anatomy

It can be hard to find much on the anatomy of a magazine cover, but I’ve found a few resources to help you. You end goal is to open at your cover, and label the different parts of it. How to do this? I’d recommend taking a screenshot of your cover, then in photoshop, or illustrator, or previewer add labels, save the image (or rescreenshot it) and upload it to your blog.

Below I’ve gathered some resources to help you in this.
Anatomy Diagrams:
from tutsplus
 – from magforum
from design pnd wiki
diagram of student planning

– magazine cover analysis
student cover analysis
more on magazine covers

2nd- Adding Links in your E-zine

One of the advantages to making an e-zine is that you can link to things within and outside of your magazine. That’s the interactive feature I’ll want to see in this project. We haven’t talked about it much yet, because it doesn’t mean much before you have an indesign document to work with.

There’s lots of guides out there, but quite a few of them are pretty complicated are use way more words or terminology than they need too. This youtube tutorial does a pretty good job of showing you without getting into way more than you need. Second youtube tutorial in case you have trouble with the first.

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