Stop Motion

Whenever I’m not here, the day counts as its own grade. This is based off two thing; one, the notes the sub leaves; two, what you show me on your blog. So, show me what you got done, and keep your teacher of the day happy 🙂

Example of a stop motion:
baking how-to stop motion

Example of Flash Motion Graphics:
JcFractal’s Demo Reel

Due this week:
-Storyboard (needs description of scenes, camera angle, etc)
-Script (must be typed)

Project Alternatives:
-Project for the Nurse
-Project for Mrs. W

This video may be of some help as you get further into your project.
how-to make a stop motion with iMovie

Guides for motion graphics in Flash:
Intro Movie using Flash Motion Graphics

You can make a motion graphics of kinetic typography if you want too.
Example: Citizen Cope – Let the Drummer Kick it

As you’re playing in Flash, if you start making a story or a narrative then it becomes animation, not so much motion graphics. Even if you can’t work on your stop motion, you can work on your motion graphics.

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