Poll #2 Questions

Due Date Extension: March 22nd

Dating at school?
a) Why do we fall in love so easy?
b) Gotta get up and try, and try, and try
c) And I will wait, I will wait for you.
d) You don’t want no drama, no no no no drama
e) Never wanna put my heart on the line.

a) I drive
b) I bike
c) I walk
d) iBus?
e) Isn’t that what parents are for?

What is your favorite school lunch?
a) Hambugers
b) Chicken Sandwhich
b) Pizza
c) Salads
d) Mexican Pizza
e) Chinese Food (Kung pao, teriyaki, or orange chicken)
f) Baked Potato
e) Brown bag it!

Most embarrassing things thats happened to you at school?
a) Tripped over my own feet.
b) oh hey! Oh, you’re not waving at me 😦
c) Spit while talking.
d) Said something out loud that was private
e) Clothes on inside out… and maybe backwards.
f) Phone ringing during a silent class.

Where do you find yourself on most Friday nights?
a) Movies
b) Mall
c) At home
d) Friends house
e) Restaurant
f) Friday Night Lights
g) I forget

Most important advice for the underclassman?
b) Start strong in highschool, those first years really do count. Trust me.
c) Toughen up soon-to-be fishies.
d) Start your scholarships while your young. There’s a lot of free cash.
e) Enjoy your youth while it lasts.

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