First Assignment due:
Hand written writing sample; must be completed in class.

Main Project
Our main project this six weeks will be a class project. However, each person is still graded individually based on the work they do, not the collective whole. Our first task, as a class, is to figure out what are video will be of. Rotoscoping is time consuming, and with the software we have, most easily done in flash. As always, there are a couple other options.

Example: Lemonade

Some student examples: Roto-mation
ball: part 1part 2part 3part 5

Other Options:
– Special Project for the Nurse Peggy
– Special Project for Mrs. W
Entry for IB Contest

How to Rotoscope in Flash
I have several videos to aid you in this
– My instructional video in Flash CS6
– Virtual Instructor’s CS4 Instructional Video
– Step-by-Step from Carrot Revolution

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