DV+AP – Current Assignments

Major Project

Last class, we talked a little about Rotoscoping and a class project. Today, you should have a rough idea of a possible story for our class project.

We’ll try to come to a consensus and start storyboarding.

In addition, if you’d like to work on an optional project instead of Rotoscoping, please let me know.

Other Options:
-Project for the Nurse
-Project for Mrs. W
-Project for me
Entry for IB Video Contest

Minor Assignments

Read about Rotoscoping

Minor Assignment 2
Due March 6th
1) What is Rotoscoping?
2) What is ‘Boil‘?
3) Name at least two (2) productions released this century using Rotoscoping.
4) Name at least one (1) live-action production that utilized Rotoscoping.
5) Name at least two (2) feature-length animated films that utilized Rotoscoping.
6) Name at least one (1) video game that utilized Rotoscoping.

Minor Assignment 3
Due March 8th
Your next minor assignment will be to find a video on vimeo, import it into Flash, and rotoscope at least 5 frames in Flash. It is not intended that you will spend more than a class period on this. See the guiding videos from the previous post for help in doing this. I can help you if you get stuck, but the videos should make it very clear.

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