DA+A – Continue planning

While you’re planning your story arcs, characters, and settings, start thinking about the interactive components as well.

Keep in mind that animated ≠ interactive. Animated just means that it moves, to be interactive, it needs to respond to the user.
I’ve created an example using the software I will show you how to use to put this together. The main art is still done through your choice of Photoshop or Illustrator, we’ll jsut be using the other software to put it all together. You could do this through Adobe Flash Professional if you wanted, but I think my method is easier and will allow you to do more in our time period.

There are a few more things that you can do than what I show in my example, but it gives you an idea. If theres something you really want to do, and I don’t show it in the example, talk to me. We can discuss how easy or hard it may be to do to help you determine if its a realistic possibility or not.

My example – Changing a Bloom’s County comic, by Berke Breathed, into an interactive comic. It’ll most likely download to your computer, and then you’ll probably need to open it with Google Chrome. I’ll provide a video later showing how I put it all together. If you end up liking the software we use for this, consider taking Digital Design next year, its one of the main software’s we use in that class.

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