Creating the Harlem Shake

You’ll need to film before the next class, in order to be able to begin working. I’d recommend doing it tomorrow during lunch.

There are a couple of things to think about regarding the planning.

Most videos only have one camera angle, with two cuts. However, not all of them follow this. If you watch the Houston Livestock & Rodeo version, they used multiple shots and angles to create something a little different from the average video. In addition, most of the more interesting videos have variety in what the dancers are doing, some wearing outfits or masks and/or with props.

In regards to the rotoscoping itself, there’s some thought to put into that as well.

Boil or no boil? You may want to try playing with a few quick frames in flash and seeing what you like better, and how difficult it is to create it without boil.

Pencil or brush? Which will work better for the end product?

Color or no color or some color? Will we be able to really identify individual elements in a Harlem Shake video without color, or will it just look like a massing of moving squiggles without color? The mere fact that we are drawing over the work, already abstracts the individuals to some extinct, color may be needed to make the subject matter identifiable.

Everything rotoscoped, or just part? If you look around on youtube, most rotoscopes have everything animated, as in the original film is no longer present at all. However, there are a couple where they left the natural backgrounds in from the film. Do you think it’d be better to have everything rotoscoped, or just the people?

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