Creating a Flash Website through Indesign

Another video today, its a bit longer than the previous, but it shows how to add another feature to your websites. Some of you are wanting to do things that require this, others may get some ideas from it. Either way, this is a skill I want to see that you can use one way or another in your website. This is a skill that we’ll also use next six weeks when we design apps through InDesign.

Video Tutorial on Multi State Objects


See my completed website on Birds of Australia. I didn’t put it up on a web server, just uploaded the flash file to google docs. You’ll need to download it and probably open it in Google Chrome. All images are creative commons or public domain, and from Wikimedia Commons. All information and maps are directly taken from Birds in Backyards.

The citations on my website example aren’t even close to proper, each time I included an image, or information from somewhere else, I should have cited it. However, the point of this was to show you how to make an interactive website, not specifically how to cite properly. Just the same, they should still be cited properly, so at some point in the future, I’ll fix that. You’ll need to do a better job than I did using proper citations. If you need help doing this properly, let me know and I’ll help you.

There’s actually a ton of birds in Australia, and I just chose a few I felt were very iconic. It turns out I didn’t get very far into the alphabet though.  I probably should of included the Jabiru or Jacana, and maybe something in the second half of the alphabet might of been nice.

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