This final six weeks, our focus is on two topics; Animatronics & Artificial Intelligence.

We’ll start with animatronics. By this point you should already have some ideas on what you might want to build for this six weeks, and the behaviors you intend on programming. Before getting too far into that, I’d like us to spend some time looking into animatronics. We’ll talk a little in class, then before I show you some examples online, I’d like you to see what you can find first.

Find 3 examples of animatronics per person in your group, and post them to your individual blog. Give me a couple sentences about each one to tell me about it (why was it made, hows it used, whats are some details about it, etc). You may NOT use the same example as one of your group members.

Use the remainder of your time to work on your robot.

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