Making a Movie Trailer

Before you begin creating your movie trailer, and before I’m willing to see your plans, I want to see you analysis of a handful of different movie trailers.

Here’s two short videos speaking on how, and why, you create a movie trailer from youtube user ExpertVillage. Watching about how to make a movie trailer may make it easier to analyze someone else’s.

Filmmaking for Beginners: How Can I make a Movie Trailer

How to Become an Indie Filmmaker: How to Make a Movie Trailer


When analyzing a film trailer in general, there are a couple areas to focus on. These ideas adapted from the Friary School in England.

– How does the trailer make use of: lighting & color, audio, use of camera, editing, and visual story telling?
– The primary reason to use an element in a film trailer falls under four purposes:
– – establish genre
– – create mood or atmosphere
– – involve the audience
– – surprise the audience by breaking stereotypes/expectations


Below is a bit of analysis from the NY Times. You don’t have to analyze the trailers in this same fashion, but this is one way they can be analyzed. I would expect that more of you would instead look at the types of shots being used, and the content in them (Humor, drama, action shot, suspense, etc).

A bit of Film Trailer Analysis from the NY Times
From article Dissecting a Movie Trailer: The Parts of the Film the Make the Cut

How scenes from five of the nine best picture nominees were reassembled to promote the films.

Link to Lincoln Trailer

See the Argo Trailer


See Trailer for Beasts of the Southern Wild


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