Robotics: A.I.

Watch this short on Robotics & AI.

1) What are three things AI is used for currently?

2) What was the first major AI development? (and what was the robot’s name?)

3) What’s probably the most commonly used AI used world wide?

4) What are three ways AI currently improves, or may within the next 5 years, our lives?

5) What project (and where are the scientists from?) is trying to rebuild the human brain?

You got your robot to move, but is it doing anything interesting? Check out these 43 different methods (albeit some are similar to each other) Mike Rinderknecht from the University of Zurich devised. If the video doesn’t load, try opening the link through fire fox.

Another interesting video: See this nxt snail learn how to move on its own.

6) What are your thoughts on these two NXT video clips?

Next class, students who are finished with today’s blog assignment will get to watch the short movie I mentioned earlier this six weeks. Other students will have to wait until they’ve completed the blog post.

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