DDaMP: Final Assignments

As the year comes to a close, heres a check list of the last things you should be finishing before summer break.

Final 3 Week Grades:
– Completed iPad App
– Write up (can help one another, but need separate documents)

– Survey
– Portfolio
My portfolio Example

Your portfolio doesn’t have to look like mine. Mine is very traditional and minimalistic. Yours doesn’t have to be, but it can be. I chose to make mine very traditional because the internet is filled with modern examples, and I wanted to make sure you could see one in a more traditional style. I could of also used white or grey for my background and kept the traditional style. Traditionally, the images would be printed, and attached to a hand made book. You can do that if you desire, but you’ll have to print elsewhere, as I’m out of ink. You can also go very modern if you want. Google Art Portfolio or Design Portfolio. If you want to look into Show Reels/Demo Reels, that also fine.

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