YB: Final Assignments

As the year comes to a close, here’s a check list of the last things you should be finishing before summer break.

Final 3 Week Grades:
– Out of Class Photos
– 2 of 2 iMovie Videos or InDesign Docs

– iMovie Video (pictures & interviews will be provided)

currently available:
iiw pictures – iiw interviews
remove my voice, just have the student. It’d make more since to have her explain what IIW is, before talking about her experience.

Like the examples from last year’s yearbook, and the videos you’ve been making post spring break; the video should show the student talking, and then show images as the student continues talking. Make sure the audio and the video matches up, we don’t want it to look like an old godzilla movie where whats said doesn’t match the speaker’s mouth. Don’t show the same picture multiple times. Try to remove any gaps in the audio. Try not to make the video feel long, or short. We don’t want viewers to get bored, but we also don’t want them to say ‘that’s it?’ Unsure? Ask me if you’re unsure.

Needs no editing: A
Needs no more than one edit: B
Needs to be editable for multiple reasons before useful? C
Not usable: F
Nothing Submitted: 0

-or videos of students talking about events (need: 7th grader Camp Allen, 11th grader Junior achievement, Spring International Festival, other ideas? ask)

Videos must be usable for the grade.
1 usable video: C
2 usable videos: B
3 usable videos: A

-or a Student Spotlight (such as Alexa G., Detiny L., Jennifer H., Jordan S., Paloma J., Meg H., etc)

Example of a Student Spotlight

spotlightThis requires getting an app permission slip from any students pictured in it as well.
This will be published in the app. This is how the final part will look. You just have to provide a couple paragraphs about them, the picture, and the signed form.

Completed Student Spotlights:
Amaris B. & Isabella B.

Already In Process Student Spotlights:
Bushra B. & Eli D.

Missing any of the three components: D
More than one of the components needs editing: C
Only on components needs editing: B
Ready to print as is: A

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