Schedule Change Requests

Quite a few of you guys have talked to me about classes for next year. If you haven’t received your schedule in the mail, or if it wasn’t the way you want, you need to put in schedule request changes before summer. They are currently setting up next year’s classes, and if numbers look lower than actual student want, there may not be enough class sessions to accommodate what you want.

As quite a few have asked about which classes are which as well; brief descriptions below.

Digital Art & Animation
Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash
Projects include illustrations on the computer, such as portraits, cartoons, comics; simple animations, such as talking heads, and object transformations; and digital composites, such as landscape or portrait collages.
If you are currently a ninth grader, this can satisfy your fine art graduation requirement.

Digital Design & Media Production
InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator
Projects include design work on the computer, such as logos & layouts; publications intended for print, such as brochure & magazine; publications intended for digital viewing, such as websites & apps (including an actual ipad app); and photo-manipulation, such as color tweaking, air brushing, and blemish removal.

Digital Video & Audio Production
Imovie, Photoshop, Flash
Projects include creating both fictional & nonfictional videos; creating audio tracks and effects, including foley & ambiance; creating abstract & representational videos; creating special effects & motion graphics through creative software; and experimental techniques such as rotoscoping & stopmotion.

Mindstorm, SketchUp, Eclipse
Projects include both virtual and physical robots, such as Lego NXTs, Seaperch ROVs, and Karl with Java; building challenges; investigating use of robots including animatronic & artificial intelligence; and learning computer science basics in order to program both virtual & physical robots.

Studioworks, InDesign, Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator, Painter
Assignments vary depending on job description. Talk to me to learn more about different job descriptions for the production of next year’s book.


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