1st & 2nd Assignments: Syllabi & Supplies

If you’ve lost your syllabi/course description, you can print a copy from my wais website. Remember, you need both your course description and syllabi signed and turned in.

Supplies to keep:
Composition Book
A standard composition book will be utilized to record the process of your work and learning. You are expected to bring it to class on a consistant basis.

Manilla Folders x6
You will need a manilla folder for each six weeks. They will be utilized as design folders.

Flash Drive
Losing a file you’ve been working on for weeks can be extremely discouraging. Keeping project files on a flash drive is recommended.

YB & Video Students: standard SD Card for YB & Video
We have cameras you can use, but not sd cards for you.

Optional: Headphones
You will have assignments during the course of this class that utilize video or audio. It is not uncommon to find videos during research. In a classroom with upto 50 other people, it can be hard to focus on the audio without headphones.

Supplies to turn in:
1 of the following:
Ream of Copy Paper
Clorox Wipes
Pens & Pencils (pre-sharpened)

1 of the following:
Post-it notes
Box of Kleenex/Tissues
Index Cards
Hand Sanitizer


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