DVaAP- Assi5: Camera Shots

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When I grow up, I still want to be a director. 

– Steven Spielberg

Capturing an instance.

For the first unit, we’ll focus on how we compose our shots. First things first, lets look up different kinds of shots. Search around on the net and see what kind of Camera Shots you can find, specifically size shots and shot angles.

Different camera shots are used for different purposes. Some shots may be primarily used for showing an action scene, or other may be shown for showing emotion or someone’s reaction. How we apply the different camera shots is paramount (ie, the most important part). It is important to learn the different names of the shots, as to beter be able to communicate and express your ideas.

Find images in magazines that demonstrate these different camera shots. Put these into your notebook, along with the name of the shot and information about the type of shot.

We’ll just be talking about size shots and shot angles for now, don’t worry about cuts & camera movements yet.


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