AXL II by Lazlo Moholy-Nagy
Moholy-Nagy was a Hungarian painter, photographer,
(+more), and professor at Bauhaus.

Abstraction is real, probably more real than nature. 

– Josef Albers

Design & History


Adobe Illustrator (link)

For this unit, we will be learning and using Adobe Illustrator CS6. Adobe Illustrator is a graphic creation software used to create Vector-based works. It is used by professionals in a variety of industries and fields.

PDF About Ai CS6
Videos about Ai CS6 from
Videos about New Features from
Learning Ai CS6 Videos on

Adobe Illustrator: Reusable Retro Type Treatment 

Working in Illustrator: Type Treatment Tutorial


Learn more about Illustrator through trying out this tutorial on how to create a Reusable Retro Type Treatment. The tutorial features both text with images. The tutorial doesn’t come with a video, but I’ve gone through the tutorial and created one in case you need help. If you get stuck, check out the video for help.


Hand-Made: Geometric Compositions

Look into Bauhaus design. Create a geometric arrangement from cut-up pictures from magazines.

Lazlo Moholy-Nagy. Oil on Canvas. 1927

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