RPaD- Designing Your Own Programs

How do we Communicate?

Today is a short day due to early dismissal. We will continue playing with coding.

As a class, we will discuss complex and simple behaviors, algorithms.

Part 0 (for next time)

If you didn’t complete part 3 last class (Robot Challenge 2), make sure you do so and screenshot it to put on your blog before you continue with today.

Part 1

Programming Activity: Working with algorithms.

Today, you had to work on giving instruction clearly in order to help someone draw a symbol or series of symbols.
You had to do this both orally, but also through written instruction.

After the first written instruction, you were able to modify someone else’s instructions in attempt to make them more clear.
It works the same way with programming. Sometimes the intended programming doesn’t work out the way we though it would, and we have to go in and rework or rewrite lines or even whole sections of the program.

In reflection to today’s activity, think about how you will design your own programming language. What structures will make it simple and clear, but won’t make it too limiting. You need a structure that allows flexibility to be able to give a variety of commands and instructions, but also one that won’t confuse the reader- whether it be human, or machine.

Part+ Sequel

Check out these videos on programming:
Code.Org’s What Most Schools Don’t Teach
Larry Wall: Computer Programming in 5 Minutes


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