RPaD- Programming Language

Wait, so what do you want us to complete?

Or, at least that seems to be the question. Even though this is our third year to have Robotics at this level, this is actually a new project, so perhaps I wasn’t clear enough.

So, you are essentially designing your own program. But what does that mean, Mr. Uu? The key word is designing, not creating. It won’t be functional, but it should be able to be functional if someone wanted to spend the time to make it into an actual language. So what does that mean? Well, it should be logical, and consistant. Follow the rules and structure you decide on.

So what actually do I want?
Something sort of like the “DBN: Introduction” page from ACG’s DBN website.
AND something sort of like the “DBN: Vocabulary” page from ACG’s DBN website.
I don’t expect it to be as long as theirs, but you get the general idea.


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