Go through this powerpoint.

note: Quiz at the start of next week.

Over what?
Design Cycle & Illustrator



Check Skyward!!
Let me know if theres something you’ve done that I somehow missed.

Design Folders

Design folders are used heavily in industry and design. They essentially provide all the documentation and verify the work done for clients. In addition, if its a team project, they allow better communication across the group through the project’s duration. If someone gets sick, or leaves the group, they are a great resource for the replacement.

You also need them for the majority of your project grades. You’ll receive grades based on how you score on the IB Teach Criterion Rubrics. See an older document with the IB Tech Criterion rubrics, the only thing that isn’t accurate on there is the conversion scale. Nothing else has changed. I’ll provide an updated one in the near future. In the near future, I will provide you with rubrics tailored specifically for your project.


note: not turning in a design folder does not automatically grant you a 50% on the report card. Scoring a 0 on the IB criterion rubric means you turned in a project showing an adequate amount of work, just that all the work done does not meet any of the requirements to score 1 through 6. Not turning in a project, or turning in something that does not show any real effort still scores a 0% in the gradebook.

Watch the Overview Video of what your Design Folders should look like.

Part 3- Plan

Plan must contain all of the following:

  • A comprehensive list of materials needed to complete your product/solution
  • A detailed, step-by-step description of procedures you will follow to complete your product/solution
  • Any other planning used to create your product

Part 4- Create

Create must contain all of the following:

  • Dated Process Logs during your project, documenting in detail your work on the product/solution, including progress, adherence to deadlines, revisions to the design or plan.

We’ll move on to the final part next class.


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