Starting Adobe Fireworks CS6

Design Folder?

      The previous class was your last dedicated class period to work on your Design Folder. If you could print it out and turn it in, that’d be super. We’ll talk about them some as we move through this unit, talking about areas that you guys collectively did well on, and other areas that may have been weaker.

Quiz Grade?

      Check Skyward. Not what you were hoping for? You can take a new quiz if you’d like to replace the score. Once again, open notes only. Oh, and some questions may differ.
RogieKingA few icons made in FireWorks by Illustrator & Web Designer, Rogie King

Adobe Fireworks

So who uses Fireworks?

It may not be the majority, but there is a significant percentage of designers who really like Fireworks. Fireworks allows quick creation for both static and interactive prototyping as well as quick web graphics. It can also produce both Vector and Raster based graphics, allowing designers to use one software to create graphics using both methods (Illustrator also has some raster tools, and photoshop some vector tools). It can also export graphics embedded into interactive content directly for the web, without having to use an additional software to encode them.

Our ultimate product this six weeks is to use Fireworks to create an interactive app for someone here at the school. I’ll give you a few options, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find your own clients on the campus. Ready to make something interactive?

Probably not quite yet.


  If you haven’t already, experiment with the different tools in fireworks. On your blog, post your result.


 We created an RSS icon in Illustrator as one of the first tutorials, so now lets making an icon graphic in Fireworks.

Use this short and easy tutorial to do so. It is from an earlier version of Fireworks, but everything used in this tutorial is pretty much in the same place. Its pretty basic, but it gives you a few ideas on how some of the tools work.

Move on over to youtube and type in Adobe Fireworks Icon, or something similar, and you can see a number of other tutorials that show other ways you can make icons. Try out a few things that look interesting to you, then try creating a new more interesting icon in fireworks.

As you are working on this, finding different videos that help you… it may be a good idea to bookmark them or start collecting them into a document or post on your wordpress. That way, when you’re working on your design folder, you aren’t going back and trying to figure out everything you used.

If you’ve completed everything, you should have three images from fireworks on your wordpress blog.

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