Check skyward. If you are missing something, please post it on your blog so I can see it and fix it for you.

Whenever I am not here, you will get a grade for they day itself. This is based on two things, a: feedback from your substitute, and b: what you show me you worked on through a blog post. You don’t have to export an amazing finished product, this can even be just a screenshot of your work.

In addition, today is the last day of this six weeks, so show me on your blog how far you are. It’s a checkpoint grade for your project. Easy project grade if you can show me you’ve been working.

Your own Client: show me what you have so far
If you have yet to land a client, then you need to have some ideas you’ve created mockups of for people you are thinking about asking to be your client. Post them before you leave.

Regarding the Theatre program booklet:
If you are working on the booklet, they aren’t quite as far along as they’d like. They have bios, but they are hand written, and are being typed up currently (possibly as you are reading this). The headshots didn’t get done yesterday like they thought it would.

So, what can you do?
– Page 1:  Title, the production company (WAIS Theatre) & the director (Andrew Maddocks)
– Page 2: Director’s Statement (use placeholder text)
– Page 3: Brief summary of the play’s plot & Acts and scenes. (look it up on google)
– Page 4 & 5: can do part of this; click to see cast list (crew list not done yet)
– Page 6: bio + headshot- most of the bios are ready (use a placeholder image)
– Last few pages: can’t do this yet


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