Check skyward. If you are missing something, please post it on your blog so I can see it and fix it for you.

Yu have an online assessment in skyward. It shouldn’t take long. When you login to skyward, on the left side it should say something like online assessments, and beneath it current assignments. Yu can use your notes or consult a friend for this. It will automatically grade it for you, and show up in skyward immediately. If you don’t like your score you can email me, and I can let you redo it if you want to come in Monday.

Whenever I am not here, you will get a grade for they day itself. This is based on two things, a: feedback from your substitute, and b: what you show me you worked on through a blog post. You don’t have to export an amazing finished product, this can even be just a screenshot of your work.

In addition, today is the last day of this six weeks, so show me on your blog how far you are. It’s a checkpoint grade for your project. Easy project grade if you can show me you’ve been working.


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