Digital Design

Today is the LAST day to check Skyward.

Couple notes:
– You have to actually SHOW me the interactive prototype. When you export it as an image, it loses it interactivity and becomes completely static. You have to export it as an html file from fireworks and show me that it works.

– Quite a few of you didn’t post up showing me what you worked on while the sub was here, nor a picture or information of how your project is going.

– Other zeroes- some of you haven’t posted on your blog since the end of october. You might want to change that.

Midsummer Night’s Dream Programme

3 Bios per page:
The last two bios

John –
John is in 6th grade. This is one of his first productions. He’s very excited to be playing the parts of Flute and Thisby. He hopes you enjoy the show!
Amber –
Amber, a Senior, enjoys long walks on the beach, kissing in the rain, and drinking cold beverages. This is her first theatre production. She is too hardcore for you.
Headshots: aprox. 2×3 inches

Director’s Statement:
“Shakespeare has always fascinated me. There’s something remarkable about the timeless messages of his plays. This play, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, is the most-produced play of all time, staged by community theatres, high schools, and professional houses alike world-wide. Its themes resonate with audiences around the globe. When I started this job at the beginning of the year, I knew that I wanted to do something exceptional for our first production, and Midsummer seemed like the perfect fit. I didn’t know if I’d find a cast large enough or a crew talented enough to pull it off, but it wasn’t long until I was delighted to find myself in the company of talented and passionate students who loved Shakespeare almost as much as I do. It’s been a tremendous pleasure to work with such a wonderful group of students. The show has come a long way and faced many hurdles, but I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome. The Art Department, the Technology Department, the Music Department, the office staff, the administration, the parents, the community, and the entire school have come together to present this masterpiece. I hope you’ll enjoy the result as much as we enjoyed creating it. Now, sit back, enjoy the show, and let us pull you into our happy little dream!”
Headshot for Director’s Statement:

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