Digital Design

Starting next week, we will start using new software. You’ve got about 3 hours left to work on your project, unless you come in on your own time.

If you are working on the programme booklet for the Play:

– First Priority: Must be finished today

– Second Priority: If the pictures are wallet size (aprox. 2 x 3 inches), it looks like you’ll only be able to fit 3 bios per page. Mr. Maddocks wanted to know if four could fit if you alternate where the images are. If you’re not sure what I mean, ask and I’ll show you.

Crew information: We’re only doing crew chiefs though, so there aren’t as many.
Here are the names and positions:
Danielle – Stage Manager
Madison – Publicity
Jordyn – Prop Master
Max – Costume Mistress
Zoe – Hair and Make-Up
JP – Light Board
Jacob – Sound Board
Jacob – Scenic Design
Heba – Prompter
Keeli – Runner
Emily – House Manager
Crew Bios 
Max Toubman, a Senior, has now been involved in four productions here at WAIS. She was previously seen as Rizzo in Grease and as Rapunzel in Into The Woods. She was the head costumer for The Musical Comedy Murders of the 1940s. She is currently an IB Certificate student and Vice President of the Advanced Choir.
Jacob Saenz, a Senior, is thankful for being a part of Westchester’s newest show. He has enjoyed working on every show since The Boyfriend. He would like to thank all of his fellow thespians for the experience, and wishes them all luck after he graduates this year.  
Heba –
Heba is a Senior. This is her second show at WAIS. Her debut show was Into The Woods as a crew member. She enjoys trying new things and being spontaneous.
Jordyn –
Jordyn is a Junior and has been at WAIS since the 6th grade. She’s been involved with every show since her 8th grade. When she isn’t occupied with theatre, Jordyn enjoys spending tme with friends, playing soccer, and sleeping. Jordyn looks forward to working in more theatre productions!


Also, here’s the show breakdown to put at the beginning of the playbill somewhere.
A Midsummer Night’s Dream
By William Shakespeare
Directed by Andrew Maddocks
Locations: Athens, the home of Peter Quince, and a nearby forest
The play takes part in two acts.
There will be a ten minute intermission.

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