Hour of Code

This week is Computer Science Week, and world wide many students are participating in Hour of Code. We are providing an opportunity for you to participate Monday-Thursday from 3:10-4:10, and Friday during lunch. Check out the website to see what’s being offered today for Hour of Code.


Anyone is welcome to attend. You can go just because you’re interested, but you can also earn extra credit should you need it. Earn 1 point of extra credit for this six weeks per certificate earned. Each session you complete earns you 1 certificate. You can earn a total of 4 extra credit points for this six weeks.

Apple Stores are also doing an Hour of Code event on Wednesday evening. More details will be posted here as the information becomes available.

Yearbook Opportunity!
We are going to have a summer spread this year in the yearbook. Did you do something cool over the summer? Did you go somewhere interesting? Let us know and you can be on the summer page.


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