Starting Unit 4: Typography

Invisible Design by Craig Ward
Illustrator and Typographer- project for Bucks New University, UK.

The Germans have a saying that you have to be on fire yourself to light one. Many designers are driven by a special kind of dedication, both professionally

and personally. In addition to craft and creativity, bringing passion to the job is the key to success. Passion gives us the power to act.

It is the foundation of change and of progress.

– TYPO Berlin

Can be Type be Beautiful?


For this unit, we’ll look primarily at typography- both functionally and artistically. You’ll end up with several options for the final product.

First, watch this short video on typography. This video is also an example of typography, including kinetic typography.

Second, read over this infographic on typography. You can make it bigger with command +, although it may get a little blurry.


  1. Look through the stack of magazines and search for letters. Your goal is to find letters A-Z with no two letters being in the same font. Attach them to a regular 8.5 x 11 piece of paper, try to spread them out so you have room to write on it.
  2. Look up and find resources on anatomy of typography.
  3. Using different resources, label parts of the the different fonts you’ve collected.

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